About +2 Charisma

+2 Charisma Productions is the result of my best friend and I talking smack about pop culture. Growing up with really only Static Shock as a mainstream character of color, we had for years kicked around fun ideas for new characters. Finally, we decided to step up and try to make something we can be proud of.

So here we are, two People of Color with day jobs trying to make a high/urban fantasy comic and cartoon. We have put our hearts into trying to make characters that reflect the diversity in the world around us. Representation matters, and we want to do it in a thoughtful way.

If you can spare anything, please donate to us through ko-fi.

Raymond McDaniel-Ruiz

CEO, CFO and Co-Owner of +2 Charisma Productions

Thinks it's odd he has to talk about himself but oh well, this is how other companies do it. Hey there... Ray here, I really just wanted to write and make something amazing, and somehow we ended up here, thanks for looking us up, hope you love what we made as much as we do!!

J. Stanford-Carey

Director, Secretary and Co-Owner of +2 Charisma Productions

Hi, I'm Carey, and I like to make things. From games to comic strips, I tinkered with a little bit of everything. Now I'm focusing on creating something that will make my children proud.


© 2023 by +2Charimsa Productions

© 2023 by +2Charimsa Productions